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Content is king. There’s no way around it. Sales, SEO, Traffic – it all depends on the quality of the content you place on your site, in your emails and in your products. But not all content is created equally.

When it comes to PLR, it’s even more important to dig through the piles and piles of mediocre content and unearth the true gems. At Artisan PLR, content is my business. I know exactly what it takes to create the perfect match of in-depth research, search engine friendly topics, and fun to read content for your needs.

At Artisan PLR, rest assured that our content is…

    • Edited Thoroughly to Ensure High Quality, Ready to Use Content.
    • 100% New and Original Content Created Just for ArtisanPLR Customers.
    • Limited Quantities for Every PLR Package Sold.
    • No Commitment Required. Easy 30 Second Checkout with PayPal.

My Name is Anthony Chatfield

My philosophy, whether it’s 5 short articles or a 250 page eBook, is to pour every ounce of effort I have into what I write.

And every day I sit at my desk and start researching my next project, I see countless articles, websites, newsletters, and eBooks thrown together shoddily, with subpar English and meaningless fluff.

So, I asked myself, why should anyone have to pay for that kind of content?

You don’t have to sacrifice money for quality. And you don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost. You can have your cake and eat it too with Artisan PLR’s collection of high quality, 100% original, PLR articles, reports, and eBooks.

How Can PLR Help Me?

Unlike original articles that can cost upwards of $15 or $20 per article, my PLR articles are written in small batches and sold to a limited number of buyers (often 200 or less) for a fraction of the cost.

Instead of spending up to $20 per article, you can have top quality content for only $1 per article.

I already know what you’re thinking. How can articles sold to 200 different people be useful?

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With PLR content, you can:

  • Fill your newsletters with high quality content.
  • Rewrite them to post to article directories.
  • Combine them into free reports or bonus content for your eBooks.
  • Record as audio or video content for membership sites.

Instant Downloads!

When you purchase from Artisan PLR, you will receive an instant download immediately after your payment. Included in the download file are .DOC and .TXT versions of each article along with the terms of use for each article. And if you have any questions at all, contact me anytime at or through TwitterFacebook, or Skype.

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